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We are an intentionally selective agency representing elite men and women players around the world. 


We currently represent American, Australian, and Japanese players. By choosing to focus on these three countries, we have been able to develop a detailed understanding of player needs, objectives, and cultures. In addition, our laser focus has enabled us to build deep relationships at all levels of basketball in those three markets. 


To facilitate player placements in Europe, South America, and the Middle East, we work with a network of trusted affiliate agencies.

We have an exceptional track record of negotiating advantageous contract terms for our clients with teams. Our lead Agent, Anita Smith, has negotiated contracts worth over 10 billion dollars in her twenty-five plus years in business. Anita is a licensed attorney and has been admitted to the Bar in five jurisdictions.



Our brand work has two distinct focus areas. 

The first focus area encompasses traditional brand and endorsement deals, including shoe deals, card deals, cars, and sports drinks, along with other product categories that match our individual clients' personal brands and interests. 

The second focus area of our branding activities is on building our clients' personal brands. This emerging phenomenon of personal brand building for both pro players and college student-athletes (NIL clients) enables players to take control of their commercial identity in a way that has never before been possible. Through direct-to-consumer merchandising, fan engagement, and web 3 opportunities, players can access new revenue streams on and off the court.  

To support both brand activities we offer social media support, PR services, and training in personal brand-boosting through the ProCulture Academy. 



Our team has over fifteen years of media production experience. We have produced feature-length films, short films, web series, and interactive installations, and our projects have been featured internationally at film festivals including premieres and showcases at the Sundance, Cannes, and Berlin film festivals.

Our expertise in content creation enables us to facilitate an array of client content projects, including podcasts, blogs and filmed content. In this way, our clients are able to move beyond being the subject of stories, to being the teller of their own stories. 



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