Jack Stanwix


Height:  193 cm / 6'4"
Weight:  85 kg / 187 lbs


  • Home state:  Tasmania, Australia.

  • 2017:​ Australian SEABL-South Runner-Up

  • 2017: Played in the prestigious Adidas Nations Global tournament for Team Asia-Pacific, lost in the Championship game to Zion Williamson's team

  • 2018: Australian SEABL-South Season Champion

  • 2019: Signed with the Hobart Huskies for NBL1 South

  • 2019-20: Finalist in the Tasmanian State Basketball League, playing for Glenorchy

  • 2020: Signed with the Hobart Chargers. Season canceled due to COVID

  • 2020-21: Finalist in the Tasmanian State Basketball League, playing for Glenorchy

  • 2022: NBL1 South Conference Champions, National Semifinalists

Nationality: Australian
Date of Birth: Oct 1, 2000


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Jack is a smart and skilled guard who can play the point or be a scorer for his team. He plays with confidence and is not afraid of big moments in any game. He is a good on-ball defender and has the IQ needed to lead a team.


Jack is a good 3 pt shooter and has the ability beat his man off the dribble. Jack loves to compete and has a winning mentality. Some people just play the game to play, Jack plays to win.


At 6'4", Jack has excellent size and speed. Jack brings a level of tenacity and toughness to his game, which makes him a valuable player who battles through adversity while staying focused on defeating his opponent. Jack has played four seasons in the highly competitive NBL1 South conference (formerly SEABL) where he played with and against many notable Australian NBL players.

JS Hobart Chargers 5.jpeg


JS Hobart Chargers 4.jpeg

2022: HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/X9w6pykqk0A

Hobart Chargers (Australia- NBL 1 South) :​ LEAGUE BIO

8.57 ppg, 2.93 rpg, 3.43 apg, 42.34% FG, 70.58% ft

2021: HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/1XzJ6wYuWxc

Hobart Chargers (Australia- NBL 1 South) :

1423 games: 8.6 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 3.4 apg, 58.9% fgp,

25.5% 3pt, 70.6% ft

2020: Signed with Hobart Chargers. Season canceled due to COVID

2019: Hobart Huskies (NBL 1 South) :

20 games: 6.2 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 1.7 apg, 1.1 spg, 51.5% fgp, 16.1% 3pt, 78.4% ft


2019: Tasmania U20 Team (U20 Australian National Champs)

games: 9.3 ppg, 2.1 rpg, 2.3 apg, 3.7 spg, 42.9% fgp, 27.8% 3pt, 70.0% ft